Build a booty, rule the world

When contemplating my next post the squat seemed to be the most requested topic of choice. All hail the squat, the glorious squat. With an explosion in both the fitness industry and the big booty movement its all about getting low. I’ve heard people say the squat is a fad, its the most functional movement, it’s a full body exercise, it’s a glute exercise, for some girls it’s their ONLY exercise. So when you break down the components  what do you get and then how can you use this information to grow an ass and and rule the world.

First and foremost I want to state that the squat is NOT the only way to build that song inspiring bubble butt. I know some amazing models and competitors who don’t even squat, for one reason or another. There have even been points in time in which  I have had to put squatting aside. But that in itself is a whole other post. What I want to focus on today is sparked from a conversation I had with my sister last night. Sweet D had set a goal to bench 60lb. So, in turn she as been working on 3×5 split. Knowing her goals were to build muscle and lose weight I responded with “no”! I mean, don’t misunderstand, I’m all about being hella strong and embarrassing men  (sorry, sorry, it’s an ego thing) but when you wanna build some nice full muscle it’s all about how many times you can rep that ish (with proper form). So this may cause some confusion, as half the Internet is telling you to lift heavy, and the other half is all about that squat challenge. It’s about that perfect marriage of hitting failure within a certain rep range. So yes, go heavy, go as gravy as you possibly can, cry, scream, grunt, do whatever you gotta do to hit that last rep (again, emphasis on form). If you’re aiming for 12, there should feel like there is no 13. This is a good indicator to ensure you’re properly breaking down the muscle tissue so that the body perceives that stress and builds that muscle up bigger, rounder and sexier! Like diamonds beautiful things are built under pressure! So go on girl, squat, squat heavy, squat smart, and make the boys cry 😉

Here are some General guideline for strength, hyper trophy and endurance training
Strength: 1-5 reps
Hyper trophy : 8-12. Some research states upward of 15 depending on the muscle group
Endurance: 15 + It’s basically cardio with weights betches

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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