Donuts and deadlifts

Today’s post is inspired a little by bioscience, a little by my current offseason, and by General gym etiquette. The great Dom Mazetti once stated that offseason is a time to wear hoodies, bench 4 plates (in my case 1… Gimme time) and eat pizzas. I have to say, he’s not entirely wrong. Being of more muscle than your average basic betch (and I mean that I’m the most endearing of ways), I get approached a lot in the gym. By women, men and monsters. Regular lifters show respect, trust you for a spot, and everyone else is looking for a brofessor. How do you get cuts? What do you eat? What do you do for your arms?…. But the truth is it’s not a simple answer.

This is where it comes back to offseason. I already know that most of you are thinking. What’s an offseason? Does that mean bulking? Bulking is getting fat, right? Nope. Absolutely not! I wouldn’t consider myself bulky, nor fat, and it definitely isn’t a time to let everything go. Just cause you’re not rocking a 6 pack turtle shell and tiger stripes doesn’t mean you’re not working on something great. So what I want to get into here is that there are many different ways to approach the gym based on your goals. Are you an athlete? Do you want to put on muscle? Do you want to lose weight? Maybe all of the above! Last night another member approached me at the gym as he’s seen me before and is always intrigued by what I do. He asked all the usual questions and told me a little about what he does, then later needed a spot for bench.. Now here’s the thing, this guy was your usually kinda skinny athletic type and just can’t seem to put on size, but when he wanted me to spot his bench he went for 3 reps. Sure, it was a heavy bench, clean form, full depth, but as you might recall yesterday’s post, 3 reps does not build size. Strength training is extremely taxing for the central nervous system, but it doesn’t deplete muscle cells to stimulate growth. Also, this guy was blown away that I eat 6 meals In a day, but more so the whole concept of cycling carbs, high fat days, and refuels. It’s quite simple, you’ve gotta eat to grow, and clearly he wasn’t. Walking around muscle and lean takes a series of phases, you change your workout style, your rep ranges, your rest times, you subtract or add cardio, and the rest all comes down to diet, weather you want to lose or gains “always never forget” diet! Any proper coach or program will change your diet plan as often as your program, which is normally every 6-8 weeks. So, moral of the story is to get to where you want to be, whatever that may look like, do your research. You’d hate to spend all those hours in the gym busting that beautiful ass only to become disheartened and frustrated when you don’t get the results you expected.
For specific questions regarding diet plans and programming feel free to contact me 👇

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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