When in doubt, sweat it out

Due to some personal changes in my life recently I’ve been feeling a tad bit anxious. Im sure many of you have heard the expression “break ups make body builders”. but for someone who’s already a body builder, then what? The gym has been my therapy, my “me” time, my happy place, my everything quite honestly.  For a lot of people who are new to the gym it’s a place to release some tension, bang some weights instead of your ex, build a better body to date someone hotter. To me the gym is my full time job, my training is my priority, I didn’t lift weights to get sexy, I lifted to get big, to challenge myself, to find my flow. We all handle times of stress differently. Some girls eat their feelings, my body seems to prefer to purge them. Whenever I’m upset I get nauseas; painfully, disgustingly and horribly nauseas. Think pitch perfect pukey, that’s me. For someone who’s supposed to be eating every 2-3 hours that’s devastating. Especially when food is fuel, fuel for my body, and my body is not only my trade but my stress relief. In turn, that creates a vicious cycle, I’m upset therefor I’m sick, I’m sick and my workout sucks, bad workout means one angry betch, and angry leads to more pukey. Alas, what’s a girl to do. I spent my Friday night not unlike any other, I trained a client and then went straight to the gym, empty stomach and all. While most girls would be out with their high heels and higher hopes I was trying not to cry on the gym floor. Basically, when it comes down to it what I’m trying to convey here is that even the worst of workouts is better than no workout at all. Whether you do it for the body, the boys, or just cause you don’t know who you’d be without the iron love, you can always find yourself in the gym. We all go through personal hardships. But working out is more than a physical challenge, it’s a mental one too. Sometimes in the struggle you find your peace. May your squats be heavy and not your hearts.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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