Baby, now I got the flow

Not many people are familiar with the concept of flow. Flow can apply to just about anything in life. It’s that place where your level of engagement and difficulty meet. You’re fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. It takes up every ounce of your concentration, but you feel almost as if your body is just gliding through the action naturally. It’s the perfection within the struggle. Common examples that I can personally relate to are in yoga class where you’re struggling to find that position, riding the tiger, or when you’re fluidly pressing out your max weight. Other people might find it in writing, when things just seem to write themselves, or it could be a sport, like tennis. You don’t calculate the speed and velocity of your return, you aim and swing and it feels oh so right. Well, a lot of things can outright fuck with your flow girl, and half your battle is always mental. All the stimulants in the world can’t lift the weight when mentally you aren’t checked in.  So how do you take that negative energy and harmed it into something raw and powerful. It’s all about aligning those feelings with the task at hand, channeling negative emotion into positive actions. According to psychological research flow should result in a spontaneous feeling of joy, even rapture! Well, damn, who doesn’t want that? I’ll trade in my anger and anxiety for essentially what is being aligned with a full body orgasm. At any given moment in time we are immersed In a great deal of information. However, some research states that we can actually only process 126 bits of information per second! While they may seem like a lot, speech alone takes up 40 bits per second. So basically, 1/3 of your attention is being consumed by the white suburban girl in front of you at Starbucks ordering a tall, non fat, half sweet, extra hot, dairy free, no white white mocha. While there is no real answer as to how to harness your mental ability and block out that nagging ex in the back of your head, or the gym bro screaming like a black bear in heat at the bench over, I highly suggest finding a go to song ( current recommendation: return of the Mack, Oliver Heldens remix, lady Bee ft. Rochelle) and gettin’ some. In the gym, blood, sweat and tears are all allowed, just remember your waterproof mascara 😉

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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