Sunshine, Squats and Burritos

Unlink the majority of my days as of late today was quite busy. I’ve slowly been trying to reset my internal clock, and despite how little sleep I got I was determined to be up and across town by 10:00am. After establishing some closure and shutting a few doors that I’ve left ajar to my past, today was yet another day to start over. Toronto was uncharacteristically warm and sunny for mid January, and there was absolutely no better way to start of my day than with one of both my longest standing, and adoring clients. LB has been with me since the beginning of my training career, she’s a fierce and independent woman who’s excelled in her career and is completely self reliant. As a 40 something divorce however, she has many of the same problems as I do. Apparently being in your 20s, 30s, 40s, men don’t really change. LB does have the advantage of coming from both a practitioner and counselling background, so I always love her insight, and psychology is a passion we share. I’m always so motivated to hit the gym after working with my client, their appreciation for learning and growing excites the same thing inside me that got me started In the fitness industry. I immediately headed over my gym to crush my lower body workout. Legs day is always takes a certain amount of mental preparation. It’s, long, it’s hard, it hurts, I waddle like a penguin, I swear, I cry, and i absolutely love every single agonizing moment of it. I swear I’m not a masochist. It’s something you grow to love, the pleasure is in the persist. The gratification you get from absolutely exhausting yourself. For me, legs day isn’t just my usual training session, it’s an event that I shape my week around. After a particularly hard workout I took my time, relaxed in the sauna, cleaned my hair with a cleaning shampoo, forces down a shake and went off to my errand. I’ve reluctantly been putting off applying at a particularly large and successful sports bar, not because I didn’t want to work there, but because I promises myself no more “band aid” jobs. Almost three degree later and near a decade of education and I was still competing for the same jobs as 20 year old girls with high school educations. But a girls gotta work, and while I continue to pursue more career oriented fields serving is and has always been good money. Luckily for me, I’ve got as much serving experience as I’ve got university. Between that and my general love of sports, due to have more guy friends than girl friends the majority of my life, the manager interviewed me on the spot and invited me for a call back in the coming week. Luckily for me a sweatshirt and leggings aren’t a deterrent in an industry related to looking good and having a passion for athletics. Looks like this day was actually coming up Jess! After that I was immediately off to meet one of my online clients to run her through her 6 week programming. Again, this rekindled my love for what it is that fitness can provide to people. This young woman while very beautiful was very timid, and visibly scared, being so outside her element. She had trusted me to provide her with something to help her feel more comfortable In her own skin. I remember once being that girl too. What’s fitness, elliptical ? Or I’d make my, who I considered, more savvy boyfriend take me to the gym and tell me what to do, bored and frustrated I always returned to cardio.  7 long hours later, and no solid meals in I was feeling hungry, yes, hungry, not nauseas, After struggling through most of the day. Unsure if the feeling might passed I visit my very close girlfriend to bring her a snack and then conclusively decided that a double chicken burrito was in order! Way behind on meals for days now it might have actually been the best damn burrito I’ve ever eaten. Felling much more optimistic about my week and my future I can conclusively say that sometimes it just takes some perseverance, good people, squats and sunshine to bring you right back to where you should be. So to all you resolutioners out there, or even those of you who’ve been doing it for a while but are still struggling, we all start somewhere, utilize your girlfriends, your boyfriends, your fitpsos, and remember why you started in the first place.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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