The pursuit of pump

Well, ladies, flex Friday has come, and as always I’m in pursuit of the pump. What’s a pump? The pump is that godly feeling you get when your muscles are engorged in blood. It’s what give you that big ol booty after squats, makes you so wide you can’t get out of your sports bra, it’s like being swollen by a bunch of sexy bees. The pump in all reality is the result of the massive amount of blood flow, like a full body erection, into your muscles. As a result your muscle cells struggle against the increase in size, which results in that feeling you might explode, and as a result a series of switches are engaged that trigger the anabolic response that results in the muscle growing back bigger and stronger. It’s a funny thing, because once you’ve experienced your first pump you will forever feel small without it. I’ve had clients, usually female look at themselves in the mirror and respond with “oh my god, my arms are so huge, eww” to which I usually respond, “don’t worrying, it will pass”. And other clients, respond with “I want my arms to look like this all the time”! So how can you maximize your swole factor. There is a whole supplement industry designed and targeted toward obtaining that maximum swoleness. There are also certain methods of training that enhance the sensation. Anything high volume, super sets or drop sets are sure to make you feel as if you might need to call the plumber, cause your pipes are about to explode 😉 I highly suggest keeping your pre training meals relatively low fat and carb through toy the day, and your water intake high, this will increase your insulin sensitivity. Then, roughly 30-45 minutes pre workout take your usual pre work out and and and nictric oxide supplement, my personal fave is nanostim by muscle tech, this will prime your epic pump. Drink all the water! Literally all of it, this will hyperhydrate your cells in order to maximize your swell. Lastly, go ahead an consume some carbs, and i don’t mean boring old oats, I mean those deliciously high glycemic ones, with some fat and sodium. My head coach, the brilliant Sean Tierney, refers to this as the “Krispy Kreme workout”. Now don’t overdue it, your body is already primes so you won’t need a lot, we also don’t want you puking all over the gym floor, composure ladies. This is also most beneficial for someone who’s been following a long term client diet, as it will be much more effective. I do however general recommend using your carbs effectively  on all days, timing your carb increase pre and post training, and carb cycling, to best use its anabolic properties to target muscle growth and not body fat.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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