Poppin bottles.. of water that is!

This week has been particularly social for me, and with dates and parties always comes the inevitable pressure to drink. Now, when prepping for a show any alcohol is an absolute faux pas.  But even on normal terms there is no place in my diet for such sinful indulgences. Alcohol is especially damaging to any girls fitness goals for a number of reasons. For starters there is the obvious, empty calories, and I mean a lot, your typical beer sits around 130 ish, and if you’re into mix drinks that number increases drastically depending on your choice of mix. Ok, so now I know what most of your are thinking, vodka , soda, lime, voila! Calorie conscious, plus hydration, clever me. Well not so much, thenext big factor is estrogen, many of you are probably unaware of balancing your hormones, up until a year ago  I was completely ignorant to it. One thing that alcohol does that’s particularly harmful to women, especially those who carry their weight on their butt, thighs, hips and arms (all the common trouble spots, especially with age) is throw your estrogen way out of whack. As your androgens and estrogens become unbalanced it becomes much harder to shed pounds in those areas. Next, oh yes there is more, is alcohols ability to inhibit FAS. I’m certainly not doing to dive into a biochem lesson here, God knows I didn’t enjoy taking it then, so why to torture you now,  but FAS is incredibly Important when it comes to the liberation and metabolism of fats. So yes, that’s right, the more you drink the less able your body is to burn your muffin top, double whammy! And last but certainly not least, how motivated are you to get up the next morning, eat clean and kill your workout after a night of debauchery? Lets just say I’ve had clients cancel for fear of puking on the gym floor. I myself once had a hangover so bad that I legitimately questioned weather I had somehow insured my head while drunk, cause there was no way a hangover could be so bad… But alas, if deadlifts and banging weights make your head spin, and your still running on a stomach of alcohol, or worst yet, a greasy hangover meal, you can’t expect to feel like your fabulous self. Your workout should be the only thing thing making you want to puke or pass out, not a nasty hangover. Don’t get me wrong ladies, we all indulge occasionally, and there is always a time and place for champs and celebrations, but pick and choose your battles, your friends will always support your goals and your decisions to do what best serves those goals. Cheers, I tip my bcaas to you betches who party responsibly!

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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