Is he gym he new club?

While I can certainly say my new gym is perhaps  the friendliest gym I’ve ever visited in the city, outside of small privately owned studios. It may just be the fact that the staff aren’t overwhelmed with a massive revolving door of members, or because at least 90% of the male members appear to gay. Well one particular member seems to have extended an extra effort to get friendly with me as of recently. As a woman in a gym I’ve perfected my resting bitchy face, otherwise you might spend half your rest time being chatted up my random strangers or regular members. When it comes to gym etiquette I’ve seen it all. There are definitely those that look good to go to they gym, and go to the gym to look good. I mean full makeup, hair extensions and all. There are your serious athletes who are there to work, there are your social butterflies there for the interaction, and then there are your run of mill gym creeps, looking to pick up. I’m not saying any of these types are right or wrong, the gym can be a playground for many people. I think the important thing is to be able to differentiate the right and wrong times to approach someone. There are a lot of great reasons to date someone from your gym. For instance, you know they share your hobbies and your values, you know they’re disciplines, you know basically any given evening what they’re up to, and you likely share the same schedule and lifestyle. Not to mention that people who like to lift like to eat, so bonus, a man who can cook. There are also cons, such as you have to see them every single day, weather you want to or not. They can be a massive distraction if you’re there to work. For some people the gym is “their thing” or their home, so you lose your personal space or some of your independence. So, when faced with the problem of being ask out at your regular haven what is a fitbetch to do? Do you run the risk of being that girl, yes that one who sleeps with members. Do you take a chance on a potentially great thing? Do you become the cold girl that no guy dares talk to? In my experience it’s served me best to keep to myself, however it doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t occasionally like some flattery. I’m nice enough if you come across as genuine and sincere. Some tips I would suggest for the guys out there; Don’t talk to me mid set. Don’t talk to me if my headphone are on (if I remove them that’s an in). Do ask to work in. Don’t steal my equipment. Smile in passing. Nobs of respect are accepted. You may offer a spot or a lift off, but only if I appear to be genuinely struggling, if I can get that shit up I don’t need your help bro. Lastly, smiling and small chat are permitting when leaving the floor, make sure it pertains to my workout, and only if you’ve seen me enough times to not come across as preying on new members. Cheers ladies, to lifting your own damn weights and doing you betch.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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