Little victories and Big burgers

Like most weekend for me the one was spent mostly I the gym. It was eventful in a few ways that bring me great happiness. One of my online clients made a post, and I couldn’t be more proud. She has fully completed 2 weeks of her 6 week training program and is already down 8lbs! It brings me so much joy to see her succeed. For someone who’s never spent any time weight training that can be a relatively scary experience. Also, as a trainer and a coach it’s nice to see the time and effort your out into programming pay off, since people are putting a great amount of trust into your expertise. In addition, and old colleagues from my lime at lululemon contacted me. When we worked together I was new to competing and only had been body building for less 2 years. Not only is it always rewarding for someone to notice your progress, but also very touching when they reach out to you for help. DS had been a long time cross fitter, yogi and all around athletic, but she’s recently gotten more interested in the sport of bodybuilding. She wanted my opinion on diet, isolation work, programming and just generally how to get started. As a lululemon associate you deal with a great variety of athletes and I very touched that she reached out to me for advice. I truly love this sport and what it has brought into my life. Body building has brought me strength and self confidence I didn’t know I possessed, and I remember getting started myself. The thought of helping someone else achieve that both excites me and humbles me, as I’ve still got a long journey myself. In addition, after I finished my last Friday evening client she went to a social in her building, LB being my dearest and most loyal client raved of my services and even managed to land me two new clients. Often when I feel I may not be when’re I “should” be in life, or perhaps I undervalue how must I’ve invested into this lifestyle it’s weekends like this that remind me of not only how far I’ve come, but why I love what I do. One of my professors I university once told me, “it doesn’t matter what you do, if you love, you’ll be successful”. At the time I thought that meant if you love it you’ll be good, and if you’re good that means financial success. I think now I reliaze being successful is getting up every day and doing what you love. To me helping others is always what I found meaningful. In university persuade counselling, to me that was a way to help others feel better emotionally. However, the gym has been my therapy for years, and I can honestly I’m mentally stronger thanks to the hours I’ve out into myself. It’s helped me respect my body, my time and my value significantly more. Lastly, I woke up this morning to a beautiful message from my coach. He was thanking me, not the other way around. He himself derives great pleasure from furthering others, and worked with a great variety of athletes. He wanted to thank me and my teammates for always going above and beyond, grinding away the hours in the gym and always surpassing expectations. Who wouldn’t be motivated by such a beautiful and touching statement. My team has become my family in a city far removed from where I was raised. They’ve also offered me love and support in a lifestyle that isn’t always easy and can isolate you from your peers and coworkers. When I quit the clubs for gym, gave up alcohol for protein shakes, and  skipped froyo for broccoli and chicken I quickly learned who was there for me, and not just cause of continence. The lifestyle makes dating and social settings tricky at times, especially around competition time. My first year competing I had no team, now I have a family I can be proud of, who inspire me, and a coach who could basically be my surrogate father. So, while the highlight of my weekend my be eating a burger I solemnly swear was almost as large as my face, I can say that the last few days have been a beautiful reminder and a personal success in my journeys. May you all find the joy in the little victories.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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