Back by popular demand, booty.

So I threw out a feeler on my Instagram account jessicapark18 , to see what’s the masses wanted to hear about, turns out its mass. More specially, how to get that phat ass. Being a little white big with a big ol booty I get this question a lot. Call it what you will; the thick thigh life, the squat movement, it’s all about that bass. At my last gym I was one of very few females trainer, so many male trainers would come to me with this exact question, since females seem to be in pursuit of those lovely lady lumps. My simple answer, volume and variety. But for you I’ll get a little more in depth. everyone seems to think the answer is squats, lots and lots of squats. And sure, that’s great for muscle endurance, but we want to get size ladies. Also, the glutes are made up of three different muscles. Gluteus min, med and max, and don’t neglect those hamstrings, since they also attach up into the inferior public ramus, giving that nice lift, giving you glutes that salute. People have asked me if I had to accredit my legs to one exercise, what would it be. It’s a tough question, but if I had to go for best bang for your butt it would be the dreaded Bulgarian split squat, follows my some serious volume high foot leg press. It’s always good to switch things up, heavy barbell and dumbbell training are going to give you some great mass, but volume and cables are go make give you great shape and burn. It’s important to hit all the angles, and to train both your slow and fast twitch fibers, so that means pairing your heavy compound movements with explosive conditioning as well. I also find its great to utilize pre fatigue. Sometimes when executing certain movements, like a squat you might not properly engage your vastis medialis (lower inner thigh) because other muscles compensate, or you fit failure in another aspect. By utilizing pre fatigue you can force your body to use those weaker points. Using all these principles I’ve designed a sample workout for you. Keep in mind this is a generalized lower body, booty building routine, it won’t fit for everyone, and most routines can’t be utilized for more than 4-6 weeks before your body plateaus.

Dumb bell Bulgarians, pause for 2 seconds at the bottom 8,10, 12, 15 superset with
Barbell weighted Glute bridge 4x 12 superset with
Stability ball hamstring reverse curls

Plies squat, deep if you have elevated steps or blocks, pause for 2 seconds at the bottom
8, 8, 10, 10 superset with
Straight legged deadlifts 4x 12

Hamstring curls 8, 10, 12, 15 zero rest, super set with
Leg press, feet placed high, 4×12 superset with
24 jump squats (ooooh baby this will burn)

Enjoy my lovelies, make that booty your betch, cause it’s about to make you it’s betch for at least the next two days. Hurts sooooo good 😘

Your fitbetch,
JP, xo

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