Don’t put me down for that

In relation to cardio and dieting a topic Id like to discuss is fasting. Between intermittent fasting, fasted cardio, fasted training, juice fasts, what’s the deal? There’s a lot of debate out there on all these different methods. I was once told fasting was important for detoxing? But does the body even hold toxins? I want to emphasize, your number one priority when attempting to lose fat should be to keep the muscle you have, it’s hard to earn but too much cardio makes it fast to go. Losing muscle will make it harder to look good when losing the fat, but it’ll also make it harder to lose fat since more muscle means a higher metabolic capacity. Ten pounds of muscle burns 50 calories per day even at rest, so if you lose 10 pounds of muscle, you will burn 50 fewer calories per day, or 350 fewer calories per week. You may also remember when I discussed insulin sensitivity a few weeks ago if you’ve been attentively following my rants. If you have more muscle, your insulin sensitivity will be inclined towards building all that sexy muscle mass. A larger muscle has more insulin receptors, which makes the muscles more insulin sensitive. That means you’ll tend to store more of what you eat in the muscles instead of as body fat. So, back to fasting. In the bodybuilding world a lot of coaches recommend Fasted cardio, usually upon waking, pre breakfast, you know, before your body knows what’s up. This should never be done without bcaas, and while it works it’s still not muscle sparing. The biggest downside to start Is that cortisol, the belly fat hormone for you attentive readers, is at its highest in the morning, without eating it will stay elevated and even increase. Furthermore, if you do cardio this will further spike cortisol output. See where this is going? In addition, if it gets high enough it will actually remain super duper, yes that’s a scientific term, throughout the day. In my experience I personally found that the most effective cardio is done immodestly post lift, but no kore than 15 minutes, as your cortisol will be elevated from your workout, or in the post-absorptive state.This is type of cardio is performed when the body has fully absorbed nutrients prior to activity. It’s almost impossible to know how fast solid food is digested. So I usuallyThe choose to do it once it’s nearing my next meal time and then eat immodestly after. These same principle cam all be applied to lifting or any other activity that you choose to perform on an empty stomach. As previously mentioned I get nauseas quite easily, not attractive,  and carbs make me lethargic. I prefer to have a protein and fat shake in the morning to give my body fuel without weighting me down digestively and train about 2 hours later, nearing my post absorptive period. I’m less likely to feel sick or bloated but have the energy to focus. With this method I’ve  managed to make gains while remaining lean, as it creates a glycogen deficit within the body. I sip bcaas intra workout and Immodestly post workout I consume protein and maltodexrose, a simple high glycemic sugar which can be shuttled quickly into my muscles and lower my cortisol levels to stave off muscle wastage. Bonus, sugar is fucking delicious 👌

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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