The perks of being a fit betch, and it’s not what you think..

Often there is so much going on in life I can get overwhelmed with my choices of blogging topic I’ve been trying to make an attempt to keep both educational and relevant, while still drawing from my own life and experience. I’ve spent most of the past three years single up until this past summer. Then I was involved in a semi committed long distance adventure, which recently ended as most of you are aware. While my new found singledom, not a real word but I’m using it, I’ve become overwhelmed with the task of dating again. As I become more of a staple in my new gym the flood gates have begun to open as I seem to meet a new member almost every day of the week. For someone who doesn’t drink socially, or really go out at all, the gym is one of the few ways I can meet someone, but it also poses a few problems. Being not a born Trontonian, that is a word, through friends isn’t much of an option. So why me? Why am I suddenly the hot commodity at the gym? With a rise in the fitness trend is dating a fit chick really the new thing to do? So here’s a little something on why men love fit betches. First and foremost, dedication, to fitness or anything else for that matter. weather it shows in your physique or you’re still working towards something great, it says a lot about the type of person you are. This is a woman who works hard, and respects herself. She’s not a quitter! And you can count on her bringing that to your relationship. Someone who will put in work even when it isn’t easy and will respect your effort. Your gym is also patient and understanding. We all know life is busy and complicated, especially in your twenties when you’re trying to establish yourself, your career, and your independence. As a lifter, you known how to put your head down, focus and put in the work. For me it’s taken almost three years to transform my body from a skinny little 102 lb waif into the 144 lbs figure competitor I am now. Any gym rat knows all too well that quality takes time. They have the foresight and patience to stick to the plan, the intuition to understand their body, and the dedication to keep at it when things get tough. It’s easy to do something when you’re motivated, the mental part comes when you hit a plateau, or you’re tired , or change is slow. These gym girls are not gone freak when you’re out working on yourself. Weather it’s long hours at the office or the gym they understand your hustle, respect the drive and will be right there by your side, even during the tough times.  This woman has her own goals, she’ll be proud you’re doing you, while she works on herself. And don’t forget passion! Who doesn’t love a passionate woman? The fitness lifestyle is not the easiest to comprehend, I constantly get asked why I do what I do. It dictates your sleep, your food, your free time, and when you find someone who appreciates that, you hold on tight. Fit betches are in love with what they do, that’s why they’re willing to give up clubbing, and Sunday brunches, heels for sneakers, purses for gym bags, chocolate for quest bars, and the list goes on. This is the type of girl that puts her whole heart into anything she’s does, including you. Not to mention the food, feeding her muscles is #2 to working them, so this girl will be more than happy to feed you, and she’ll always have food on hand. My friends constantly make fun of my man sized appetitive, but to me food is love. If I date you count on being fed copious amount of protein inspired teats and all the chicken, steak and veggies your heart desires. So there your have it, it’s about more than just the booty, though that’s not a bad perk 😉

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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