Cake life

So it’s been a little while since my last post. With a whirlwind of change going on, January and February have been transitionary months for me. My beautiful sister was supposed to visit as of yesterday for my birthday, but due to typical east coast weather I’ve been left on my own with too many plans and no partner in crime. I personally tend to find birthdays a little depressing, being a woman in her 20s we live in a slightly ageist society. They also tend to be a reminder of the year that has past, which can both be pleasant or slightly overwhelming. But, waking up this morning to a slew of texts from people past and present in my life is also a huge reminded of how loved I am. Sometimes it’s the people you expect the least that remind you how special you truly are. Without divulging too much information I do plan on spending my alternate birthday with someone new in my life, and perhaps this is an indicator of the year to come. In the meantime I’m getting my hair reblonded by the lovely Candi at Aveda, following by my favourite pump, shoulders! On the theme of birthdays what better topic to discuss than cake. Glorious, delicious cake. I’ve covered many different diet topics before, but this isn’t just concerning calories, or macros, it’s about quakity. I’m not for or against if it fits your macros dieting (IIFYM). I’m sure many of you have seem the hordes of Internet and Instagram celebrities getting shredded on pop tarts and ice cream. And it’s true, when it comes to macros, a carb is a carb. But what about micros? Food sensitivities? Allergies? Once you get to know your body you start to realize that while brown rice might trigger the same repose as a brownie, but how your body handles that is a whole different story. I personally noticed in my early twenties (bye bye youth), that every time I ate ice cream I’d break out within a day, almost guaranteed. As I got older this become even more of a sure thing. Same goes for wheat and alcohol. Why must all the best foods be so bad for me? Turns out I’m incredibly sensitive to what and dairy. This is not to be confused with intolerant. I won’t get and upset stomach or sick per say, but my face will hurt the next day (fat face), my eyes will burn, my face will break out, none of which makes me feel very attractive. So when it comes to fuelling my body, I’ve learned to very selective with the quality of foods I chose. So while I could still maintain my physique with careful calculations on donuts and pizza I’d feel miserable. I’m not saying I don’t have the occasional treat, trust me I do plan on eating cake today, but avoiding inflammation is going to make me feel better in the long run. Most respect states that grasses, such as cereal grains, evolved in concert with grazing mammals. Grasses, unlike other plants, grow their leaves from the base rather than the tip so they are less likely to be damaged by grazing. Grasses evolved two innovations in order to reproduce successfully despite being regularly eaten. The first of which is that they generate tens of thousands seeds per plant annually, so that many seeds can be eaten, as long as a few scatter and take root. The second innovation was a set of toxic compounds specifically designed to sabotage the digestive tract of mammals. Most plant seeds travel intact through the digestive tract of grazing animals so that they emerge (with fertilizer) to take root in a new location. Grazing mammals, such as cow, have evolved defenses for these toxins, such as digestive organs like rumens that allow for the brunt of toxins to be transformed by bacteria via fermentation. We ladies are not cows, and therefor do not have such capabilities. Fermentation naturally results in gas, also not an attractive quality, and this results in the bloaty distended feeling you get after eating such foods. So while I, not anti wheat, and some people have much tougher digestive systems than me, I highly recommend getting to know they self and not just worrying about carbs, proteins and fats as a whole, but the quality of nutrition you put into your beautiful bodies.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

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