Carbs and abs? Now that I’ve got your attention..

Often many gym goers and clients complain that despite the amount of cardio they do or how much they diet they just can’t lose weight. Continuing on with yesterday’s momentum regarding dieting and how to go about it in a systemic, controlled and sane way, I want to talk a little about strategies that I personally utilize and why they work. It’s true ladies, you’re not entirely crazy, it is possible to continuously gain weight while still not eating a ton of food. The reason this is because most people struggle with consistency. So, while you might be well behaved all week, binge eating, and we’re not taking one refuel meal, or day even, can throw your body a huge curve ball. While many people have not real idea how much they put into their body daily, or how much their body really needs for that matter. So by just aimlessly eating “healthy” or “clean” food you can actually trigger fat storage. One day your body thinks it’s starving, the next it’s overwhelmed with calories. Again, I want to emphasize this is not the same as a refuel, which is beneficial to leptin if you’ve been following among, this is a roller coaster of up and down inconsistent eating. I’m aware with our busy lives, jobs, commuting, deadlines, children, boyfriends it’s easy to “forget” to eat some days, or just grab a handful of this here, a handful of that there, or even skip meals all day and try to make it up at night. But your body is no different than you really. When overstimulated with stimuli or with an absence followed by a huge flux, we become confused and overwhelmed. By aiming for consistence your body can adjust to a comfortable “set point”. Once you’ve established a set point you can them slowly add or reduce calories to suit your body composition goals, such as building more muscle. This is how reverse dieting is established. Which is the best way to maximize your metabolism for lean mass, while still tolerating a considerable amount of calories, and who doesn’t want to eat carbs and have abs?

Your fitbetch,
JP xoxo

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