Keep moving forward

Hello lovely readers of the internet. I often get asked how do I stay motivated to do what I do. Honestly, I do it because I love it, that’s my motivation. When it stops bringing positivity into my life I will no longer do it. But as of lately I have been struggling. I still of course love the gym, but with prep comes a lot of mind games. I feel flat and small, my energy levels aren’t as high, I’m no longer focussing on upping my weights (which I love), and I look in the mirror every day and think “Am I shredded yet”? Luckily that’s why we surround ourselves with positive people. Gym members tell me every day I’m looking leaner, but I just can’t see it myself, so I just trust in the process. In scenarios like this it’s important to focus on long term goals. I like to remind myself, every day I’m everything day, each little action counts. Cumulatively they build up to your masterpiece. This is also why having a coach is extremely helpful. One particular thing I like to do regularly is reevaluate and write down my goals. I’ve always been a very goal oriented personal and I personally finally doing this one a weekly basis is more obtainable and rewarding. Yes, you have to look toward thinking term, but then establish small resonance steps. This can apply to almost anything. Dieting, dating, job goals, you name it. My lovely B bought me a chalkboard as a fist once, this chalkboard is purposely placed in between my bed and my door in my little hobbit hole. Every morning I see it, and every time I leave or rerun my nook it is there. I have my countdown placed at the top (just under 12 weeks) and then my goals for the week. One of the things I often write is “one goal per day”. I find I can personally become complacent with routine, and reminding myself to achieve one new thing daily weeks me moving forward. Life is funny in the sense that things tend to come and go in waves. Weather you call it karma, faith, luck or coincidence, this is a reminder to do something to keep yourself moving forward. All actions, or lack there of create a momentum, so you ultimately chose the direction of day, week, month and life with simple decisions daily. So today I’m not giving you advice on training, dieting, stress, I, simply providing you with the little reminder that I constantly give myself, keep moving forward. Any purposeful action, in any aspect of your life will give you the control you need to stay on track.

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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