Crushing weights and goals

I hope all you beautiful people of the Internet had a lovely weekend and are currently enjoying, what I consider my favorite day of the week, Sunday. As of yesterday I am officially 10 weeks out from the Ontario Provincial Championships and for once, feeling on point. I had the opportunity Friday to not only to check in with my coach but to also crush a workout him and his training partner. There’s nothing like loud metal, big dudes and heavy weights to get this girl going. The pump was unreal and both watching my body transform and having my coach observe (and impressed) was a great experience for further developing my training. With this prep we’re focusing on lots of heavy lifts, compound movements, drops sets and super sets. This is what personally works for me. Some people prefer a metabolic approach with lots of added cardio, and anything in between sets to keep the heart rate up (jump rope, calisthenics, etc). As I’ve discussed before, there are a lot of weighs to cut weight, and my prefers way is through increased effort and muscle mass. I’m fully aware that not everybody’s body works this way. This is why I advocate programming! As an athlete, or any serious gym goer, your body will constantly change and adapt.  What worked once may not work again, as you are not the same person you were last year, or even six months ago. I highly recommend never staying on one diet or one program (combination of sets, reps, tempo, weight that you execute) for more than 4-6 weeks. It also helps with continuously reevaluation your goals. Once you finish one set of programming you know better know what works for your what doesn’t, what you like, what you dislike, and most importantly, where you want to go next. Often when my coach asks me this questions, what’s our direction, I frequently divert to him. “I don’t know! You tell me what I need”! But truthfully we do this for ourselves, so it’s a good exercise to constantly be evaluation what you want, but more importantly, why you want it. Sticking to a 4-6 week plan is also more manageable mentally. I’ve currently been dieting 4 weeks, and while sometimes I freak out in my head, it’s reassurance to know that it’s only a few more weeks and I’ll have the opportunity for a refuel or to make the changes to get me where I need to be if I’m not on tract. For my sanity this is a huge weight lifted. I for instance doubted my progress, but turns out I’m ahead of schedule and I am pleased to say will be enjoying am extremely large deliciously cheesy, bacon filled burger this week! Not because my body necessarily needs it, but for sanity I’ve earned it, which makes the next 10 weeks not seem so bad. To me this is a testament to trusting the progress. Stay focus, make obtainable goals, and crush that shit like its light weight baby

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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