Eating to lose weight ( It’s not a trick)

I’ve seen the topic of fat loss posted on a lot recently, but more specifically regarding fat cells. I think this is defiantly a topic that’s important to educate oneself in. The most noteworthy point being that dieting does not change the number of someone’s fat cells so much as reduce the size.  Your total number of fat cells seems to be a combination of genetic predisposition and determined in childhood. So yes, it is in fact true that getting lean and staying lean is somewhat  more difficult for adults who were overweight in their youth. While keeping this in mind with regards to dieting this is why starving yourself and living off diet coke and salad doesn’t work. The less you eat, your fat cells learn to converse energy more efficiently, but don’t reduce in number. So each time you diet, it gets more difficult for your body to respond, which a common problem seen in competitors or chronic dieter. Recently an old work college messaged me about creating him a diet plan, based on his workout regime, goals and schedule I put together what I would consider a moderate fat loss diet utilizing carb cycling. As with all my clients I told him to check in daily the first week and we’d adjust from there. Day one the first text I got was “there’s so much food, I feel full and my energy is great”! To lost people this would seem counterintuitive to a fat loss program. It’s really Important to keep in mind that if you lower your caloric Input too low too soon your metabolism will slow down drastically which only sabotages your weight loss attempts. In addition, this will harm your ability to build and retain muscle, which as we know only helps to increase your fat burning capabilities. My best advice is to lower your calories as little as possible and see how your body reacts and adjust over time. Methods I personally like to utilize are playing with my carb rotation. I recently with from a 4 high 3 low to a 3 high 3 low as I’m approaching my show date. This allows me to have carbs throughout the week, never doing more than a day, keeping me nice and full and energy levels high. This also staves off the insomnia, zombie like demeanour and what I like to call “diet brain” that comes with carb depletion. It’s all about utilizing your energy systems effectively and keeping up your workout intensity. And common, what’s the point if you can’t keep crushing those workouts, right?!

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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