Tender love and reverse dieting

Sorry to keep you all in suspense (I know it must have ruined your weekends) but as promised, here is my follow up on metabolic damage.  So if you’re one of the many unfortunate individuals who’ve either fallen into the hands of bad coach or just made some mistakes along the way this may have happened to you. I’ve seen it most predominantly in the form of post show rebound, Either your coach realized your crash diet has resulted in starvation mode, or you get some advice from other competitors, friends, doctors, or your own research, and you decide that you need to eat more and ease up on the exercise. Sure, this will alleviate some stress on your body, but the result is you blow up like a balloon. With your metabolism it into current state it’s unable to deal with the unprecedented caloric intake, and it hold on to everything for fear of starving again! I’ve seen girls gain about 15 pounds in mere day. Yes, physiologically its  impossible to gain that much fat in such a short time; it’s almost all water, but it is a sign your metabolism is in trouble. The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to correct your metabolism is that It doesn’t work like a calculator. Eating less and exercise more comes down to calories in/calories out kinda math. This just isn’t so. Unfortunately you can either eat less and exercise less, or eat more and exercise more. This can seem like a frustrating answer to someone who’s been trying so hard. It’s kinda like how all lifters hate rest day. Sometimes the answer is counterintuitive. However, this is the only way to decrease the stress on your metabolism while not gaining weight in the process. If your situation is more severe, you’re only option is the eat less, exercise less approach unfortunately. I’m going to focus here a little on the moderate cases. Severe cases should consult a physician to have hormones and adrenal function tested. For your general lost show diet it’s not all that different than prep. Just moving in a different direction.  Spend 2-3 weeks in an “eat less, exercise less” phase, then change directions towards an “eat more, exercise more” approach. Keep up cardio, slowly reducing sessions over time. Also take time to lower physical stress indicators, like cortisol, through yoga, massage, sauna, naps, walk, cuddle, girl time, whatever is good for your soul as I like to say. Your body need nurturing and love. Much like someone sick or injured, it takes time and care to get things back on track.

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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