All Hail, glutes that salute!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a productive and enjoyable weekend. I know I am as I currently write this from my bath tub, as I deep condition my hair, oh how I love to multitask. Always one for wanting to please the masses, I asked my editor, aka my sister, what she’d like to see this week. Her response, “hamstrings and booty! I ain’t the only one trynna get a butt”. So here it is, another training post about that cake. First and foremost, I wan to start with why a lot of you might not be getting ahead, or in this case “a behind” when it comes to Glute training. It’s mind muscle connections. Most women will do squats, or kickbacks or whatever else they believe is gonna build those lady Lumps. But if you’re not properly engaging those glorious glutes you’re probably just going to end up with over developed quads, abductors and some tight hip flexors. I would recommend staring out with some bands, or light machine work and mobility just to get those buns warm and firing. A few things you can do are 2 sets or kickbacks, adductor work, laying clams, x men walks and terminal knee extensions. This will get the glutes and accessory muscles firing so that when you start hitting your heavier lifts you will really feel the burn. I’d just take a few of these exercises, and cycle through them with little two no break for 2 rounds, ensuring the muscle are full and warm. Remember, weight isn’t important here, the squeeze is. If you are into foam rolling and trigger point release, save this torture for after your workout. While dynamic stretching has been shown to improve mobility and reduce injury, static stretching will reduce your power and strength. Once you’re good to go I would focus on posterior chain work, you want to lift heavy to build muscle, but I’m also a big fan of super sets and drop sets to really get that booty pump, as previously discussed, that pump sensation is why triggers a threat signal to the muscle to grow, we are bitty building, not staring training, but that falls into a whole other post, I’m generalizing in this particular case. Some key hamstring and Glute exercise I’d recommend from my toolbox are long stance walking lunges, Bulgarian split squats, supine hamstring curls, reverse hypers, deficit cable split squats, deficit sumo squats and wither a Bulgarian or Romanian deadlift. Keep, in mind you’ll want to start out with using a heavier exercise, like the single leg dumb bell Bulgarian split squat, which will pre fatigue your targeted muscle group, and then rep,out the burn with an adds sorry like the curl, focussing on tension, squeeze and burn. Each individual is different so you can custom design a plan based to your needs, strengths and imbalances, but remember it’s more about feel that weight, the weight will come. Patience my ladies, one rep at a time.

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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