Post show blues and avoiding rebound

Hello lovelies! So summer is in full effect, and while it’s nice to have the freedom to go out for patio drinks, beach parties and cottage weekends, the last thing anyone wants is to start putting on weight. However, many people coming out of a early summer show might have the mindset “sweet, summer body is ready, let’s go”! However, anyone with experience knows that most people, if anyone can’t maintain a show day physique. Sure, you can stay lean, but no one goes around depleting and manipulating water on a weekly basis just to look shredded for the beach. It’s very difficult, especially for women to go from the mindset of waking up leaner every single day to suddenly putting on weight again. Especially in a season where clothes are sparse. In addition, even if you jump right back on a prep or reverse diet, there’s the water retention issues. Some women cut up to 10 lbs of water during peak week for stage. In return your body wants 15lb back. It’s not a natural state, and your body goes into panic mode, holding on to every once. With weight fluctuation also comes hormones and of course psychological issues. Commonly referred to as post show blues. I’ve personally experienced these and it’s hard to go from loving your body to feeling uncomfortable in your skin. People outside of the sport also don’t understand the changes they see in your body and may ask questions or make remarks. You spend so long being regimented, morning cardio, fixed meals, working towards a goal. Then suddenly what now? It’s important to give yourself a day or two to reflect, eat foods you’ve missed, and rest, as your body has been through a lot, and mentally a show is also draining. There will be highs and lows emotionally from the experience. I personally feel to avoid shocking your system to slowly reintroduce waters I like to up my litres daily, while using dandelion root to continuing flushing, so it doesn’t “stick” to you. As for calories, it’s best to jump back on your previous diet, as hard as it can be without a specific goal, while slowly reincorporating foods weekly, so that it starts to remember an offseason diet, this docent mean junk food, but more specifically healthy carbs and fats. An adrenal support is also highly recommended, especially if stimulants were utilized during prep, to normalize and replenish your adrenal glands to avoid fatigue, sluggishness and burn out. Lastly, my best advice is just to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind fitness isn’t about one day, it’s an all year endeavour. Your goals may shift short term, but the big picture remains the same. Love your body and embrace the strength.

Your fitbetch,
JP xoxo

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