Overtraining or overgaining?

People frequently ask me “what can you lift” which it itself is an annoying question as its very relative. But after that another one that is not so straight forward is “what do you do”? I could toss you out a handful of exercises, but that won’t help much without tempo, pause, sets, reps, frequency, nutrition, diet.,, the list goes on. But as I write this blog for educational purposes, and mild entertainment of course (I’m kinda funny, right?) I’m going to elaborate on one thing I like to incorporate, that I haven’t often seen utilized. I call it a filler workout. It involved training a body part you preciously trained the day before, with high intensity and volume. For one you’ll get lots,of blood rushing back into that part to flush out some lactic acids, and get a great pump, but more Importantly, this is how it can help you grow! I’m sure many of you, if you’re a masochistic weirdo like myself, aren’t happy if you’re not sore. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) signifies that your muscles have been broken down, leading to new protein synthesis, the more significant the damage, the more the growth. Recovery of course is vital to ensure that muscle regrows big, strong, and sexy  ( ***note, sexy is not a scientific fact), and that you’re not always in a high cortisol, catabolic state. Recent research has shown that if your have a group of participants do three sets, in which the last two are taken to failure, and then have those same participants conduct the same exercise 2 days later while still sore, they observed an increase in testosterone in contrast to the first workout, and cortisol actually decreased. This would indicate that anabolic pathways are being signalled. In addition to the benefit of a reduction in lactic acid formation, indicating that recovery isn’t compromised. This type of workout can be a great way to vary your routine, attack a lagging body part, break a plateau, or just an excuse to hit legs for a third time this week if your twisted in the head like me. Due to the intensity it can’t be utilized more than once a week really.  But I’m sure we can all benefit from enhancing our anabolic state. I’ll leave you with a couple guidelines for your next gruelling session.

First workout: intensity! Forces reps, negatives, pauses, drop sets, failure. (1-12 reps)
Day 2(no more than 48h); same exercise or variations. High intensity, high coupe, lower weight ( >15).

Now go get some you crazy betches!

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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