Glutamine gains

I’m undoubtedly a supplement pusher. Not just because I’m fortunate enough to be affiliated  with a great brand, but because there are a lot of health benefits associated with them. I’m always clears supplements  are just that, they are meant to supplement your diet, not replace whole foods. I always advocate getting your protein sources primarily through lean meats, and count any from grains, veggies and legumes as bonus. Often when I’m asked what I would suggest for people who don’t have a large budget for supplement, or just want to keep it simple, are a good quality whether, glutamine and creatine. For natural athletes, training both hard and frequently results in some major soreness. Without adequate nutrition and  supplementation you will be always and forever sore, and can even overtrain if you’re not properly recovering. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the result of muscle tissue breakdown and lactic acid buildup. If you’re repeatedly hitting the muscle group without recover you it never has the chance to rebuild. This is where glutamine can be of assistance. Glutamine works by rapidly replenishing stored used during training. So by taking glutamine post workout you’re alike to better remove buildup of waste product, speeding up recovery and therefore allowing  you to train more frequently. So if your goal is to improve a certain weak spot like chest or legs, that just won’t grown you can hammer them with more frequency. Glutamine is also found to regulate blood sugars and nutrient metabolism, which is crucial while dieting to accommodate heavy and frequent training and reduced food intake. Cells will use glutamine as a preferred fuel source over glucose, again very pertinent on a low carb diet, and for filling up cells post workout. This in turn will help maintain a healthy immune system as it helps alleviate stress on your body when training with high volume. Of course, not just body builders can benefit from glutamine, but any endurance or conditioning athletes as well. This goes for all you marathon runners out there. Glutamine of course is found in protein sources and added to most powders, but I recommend an addiction 5-10g post workout and pre bed to help in overnight repair. Make the best of that beauty sleep.

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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