A million little things

Health and fitness isn’t just going to the gym, eating some salad and chicken and doing cardio (as you’ve probably figured out by now). There the million little other things you do for your body to make sure health is optimal so that your can perform at your best. And when I say little, I mean miniature, teeny tiny little minuscule, things… Like chia seeds. Yes, I went there.

I may tease about your “basic bitches” and their chia seed diets, but the truth is, every morning and every night I have 1 teaspoon, and here’s why. I’m very into nutrient timing. Chia seeds contain high amounts of both soluble and insoluble fibre,  as well as drawing water to themselves. This is important with regard to your first and last meal of the day. This is because they adds bulk and water to the stools, which is important for keeping your system clean and clear. Chia seeds will also help your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K (which I take first thing in the morning with a huuuuuuge glass of lemon water). These vitamins need fat in order to be properly utilized by the body. Also, because many of us don’t eat again till lunch, which may be 4 or 5 hours later if you function on a conventional work schedule, these seeds are great for helping to keep blood sugar levels stable as well as binding to cholesterol and helping to usher it out. This is key in preventing sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar, which are horrible if you’re prone to hypoglycaemia, diabetes or just trying to lose weight. I paid my seeds with a probiotic before bed to optimize digestive health. Some brands like Canadian born Prana have a product that combine the two.

Give this regime a try and I guarantee you’ll at least see a reduction in bloating symptoms among other benefits!

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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