Magic powders

I am fully aware that I’ve been seriously slacking on my writing. Between fasted am cardio, working an adult 8-5, then training and cardio again, I’m usually passed out like a toddler by 10 at night. This doesn’t include, demos, best friends duties, and somehow trying to attempt something of a dating life (ha)! But, I have a variety of topics swirling around in the back of my brain, that I not only want to touch on with you, but for my own research purposes.

I was recently delivered a basket of goodies, with a variety of fun supplements to try out, and one happened to be powdered CLA. And while it’s widely known in the body building world for weight loss, and I’ve even dabbled it I’m myself before, I hadn’t done much in depth reading of the peer reviews. So here you go ladies and gents, this is what I found and how it can help you. Congregated Linoleic acid (CLA)  an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid (EFA) which is formed from linoleic acid in bacterium via a specific isomerase. Isomers are enzymes which have similar chemical structure, for simplification purposes. CLA, much like creatine, is naturally occurring in both meat and dairy products. But obviously in much smaller amounts, I.e., why we use supplements. Aside from the popular known benefit, fat loss,  CLA has also been studied for its anticarcinogenic (anti-cancer) properties. So you can see why this little EFA is of interest, thin and healthy? Yes please!  So how can you implement it? CLA usually comes in 1000 milligram softgels, or in my case a lovely powder you can mix into your existing liquids. It is supposed to be taken with meals three to five times daily. The effects are quoted to have been felt within about a month. This of course is all depend on the individuals unique body chemistry and metabolism.

So, how does it work? Most research has been conducted on animals, but it all found that CLA increases lipase (enzymes that break down fat) activity in adipocytes and fatty acid oxidation increased due to increased carnitine palmitoyltransferase (activity in adipocytes and skeletal muscle). Of course we can’t often control for as many variable in adult human experimentation, due to ethical reasons, confounding factors and compliance. However, a statistically significant double blind trial, which either dosed CLA or a placebo found a significant difference in body fat mass in the groups taking 1.7 grams, 3.4 grams, and 6.8 grams as a whole, and significant differences within the 3.4 grams and 6.8 grams groups. There was no significant difference among groups in regards to lean body mass, but the 6.8 gram group increased in lean body mass significantly. As a whole, the 6.8 gram group also increased physical activity, while the 5.1 gram group decreased physical activity. In this situation, increased physical activity could have increased the effects of taking CLA for the 6.8 gram group. So, over all consolations.., Evidence suggests that there may be a synergistic effect of increasing physical activity and taking CLA with regards to overall body composition.

So, as we’ve learned time and time again, there are no magic pills. Diet, exercise, and supple ration alone will yield some results, but the combination of the three are synergistic. Until next time, consume responsibly, and work out hard my friends!

Your fitbetch,
JP xoxo

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