Merry Fitmas

Hello lovely holiday beauties!

December has been a whirlwind of a crazy month.  The past few weeks have been a madness of playing catch up with work and life. Normally after a show is over most people look forward to relaxing, but with the holidays at hand I have been more than occupied. Often while prepping, a lot of life’s aspects get put on the back burner. Studies show that the majority of people are working with a limit capacity of willpower. Not saying that we don’t have enough, cause lets be honest, you just get it done. No, I mean that if one aspect of your life is taking up 90% of your working capacity, we tend to let the other things fall aside (like blogging, emails, career goals…).

It’s a conscious decision to prioritize short and long term goals. But, in order to stay sane it’s great to have a little routine and balance. I myself am a creature of habit, like a child I thrive of structure and schedule. So while my show is now complete, and a first place win might I mention, Im quite happy to keep up card and dieting, with weekend treats. Since my boyfriend and I live in different cities we tend to split up our weekends back and forth. I try to diet and cardio  diligently all week, so that come the weekend we can thoroughly enjoy our time together and share new experiences and socialize. While I had been planning on a few posts regarding how I change up my supplementation, diet and training post show, and how to make the most of the calorie surplus, I’ve decided a more appropriate post would be how to stay on track during the holidays. While I’m sure you’ve heard it all, I constantly hearing from family and friends how horrible they feel about falling off their diets, or how they’ll do better in January. Since my show I have literally had christmas party every weekend, if not multiple between the meathead (term of endearment for my bf) and I. As I’ve mentioned previously, alcohol is one of the biggest diet killers. Empty calories, poor lifts, hormone imbalances (the list goes on). So how can you possibly reduce your intake at these festive times? One of my go to moves is to offer to be the DD when we’re out. People won’t try to push alcohol if they know you’re driving. It also allows you to enjoy one little glass of wine or beer early in the night while being sociable, without pushing your limits.

Again, It’s all about balance, you don’t need to completely abstain, just limit yourself. Or, if you and the other half each have parties, let him/her drink when with their friends, and you take your turn another night. I also tend to grab a glass, or even better a red solo cup (universal cup for alcohol) and keep it filled with water. Chances are no one is going to ask why you aren’t drinking. Another thing I try to remember is that this isn’t your last Christmas, or meal. I’m a firm believe in not wasting calories and avoid what I call “snackcidents”. Pick a couple things you’re really looking forward to, weather it be your mom’s apple pie, Sunday dinner, or a friend’s famous fudge. Allow yourself to enjoy those things fully and guilt free, and avoid all the other shitty calories. If something is absolutely delicious enjoy it, just don’t snack aimlessly because it’s there…and why not…it’s the holidays etc. I also try to eat what I concede a  “clean” meal of lean protein and veg before going out, so I’m not famished and just shoving insulin spiking sugar and carbs into my body.

A lot of people tend to feel bloated, their skin breaks out, and hormones become a mess because of poorly timed eating and macro nutrient choices. Having protein and fiber will help stabilize and balance hormone spikes. I would also strongly suggest upping your fibber and greens, even with a supplement powder, as well as water. If you are cheating the extra carbs will draw in more intracellular water, leading you to look puffy, water and bloated. The extra fibber and water will help draw that water our, keep the waist a little tigher and avoid painful it is. You can also take some R-ALA, an insulin mimicker, so that your body effectively shuttles and utilizes those carbs, cause gains. So, while I am in no way saying you need to avoid treat this season, because I love carbs as much as I love my leggings, I hope this helps to reduce some of the painful guilt of over indulging, and can help contribute to those 2016 gains.

Happy Holidays Betches,

JP xox

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