The end of the holidays

Well the Christmas festivities are now coming to an end and tonight people will be out celebrating all the good fortune of 2015, or saying farewell to misfortune. I guess the only appropriate thing to really blog about on such an occasion would be new beginnings.

Most people tend to make new year resolutions on such an occasion. I personally consider myself a bit of a control freak. So, I always have weekly, daily, monthly and long term goals. I have a huge chalkboard in my entrance, in which I write it all down, and since I live in a teeny, tiny hobbit hole, it’s basically always in sight. I see it when I wake, when I leave, when I come home and before I go to bed. With working multiple jobs, various circles of friends, coaching, training and a semi long distance relationship I often find I’m lost if I fail to plan. Even over the holiday period, when most of us having n even larger social calendar to balance, and a few extra days off, it’s easy to fall off track. I find myself aimless making plans throughout the day if I don’t set myself on a specific schedule and then wondering how I manage to be so busy yet accomplish nothing at all. This can be a terribly frustrating feeling for an over organized, obsessive freak like myself. I, like a child, function best with structure. So, back to my original point, as this is all likely quite non useful to you thus far, new year, new me and what not…

We all have things we want to accomplish, and honestly, feeling meaningful and productive is satisfying! I’m sure you’ve all heard the adage “fail to plan, plan to fail”. And while cliche it is true. It’s highly unlikely that anyone has made successful “fitness” profess without a plan. A complaint I often hear from family, friends and clients is that the go to the gym but with no aim or purpose or even concept of periodization. They have an idea of what they want to look like but no real concept of how to systematically achieve it. This involves a combination of training knowledge, nutrition, self awareness and then some form of plan to achieve it. If you’re going to the gym day in and out with no idea of what your body needs, what your caloric input or output is, and how to support muscle growth or fat loss it’s easy to become frustrated and lost. The most enviable physiques are the product of planning over and over again. You set both short and long term goals. Most people will feel discouraged with a large goal as we need short term feedback, but still require a long term aspiration. Like school where a degree is the large goal, individual course, terms, exams, and classes are the successively smaller goals. Fitness should be approached with the same meticulous manner as any other endeavour for optimal success. The same way one day day doesn’t ruin your success, one good day doesn’t achieve it either, but it is positive momentum.

So my best advice is to spend your hangover or personal day researching a fun personal project, being yourself, and contemplating how to get to know your body better and what it will take to get you that rocking ass or deadlift PR you’ve been chasing.

Happy new year with love,
Your fitbetch JP xoxo

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