Pulses, this should get your heart racing

Hudson Bay company and taste Canada have been up to some amazing things. With a beautiful new designer store on the 7th floor of the queen street location, complete with a test kitchen, nespresso sip while you shop, and every designer kitchen toy you can imagine, they’ve put their facilities to good use.

Combining the fact this is the year of the pulse, and showcasing some proud Canadian talent I had the pleasure of attending last weeks addition with Marylyn Smith. Her new cookbook “Home grown” is a must for anyone looking to keep their kitchen adventures local, healthy and simple. Marylyn herself being a ward winning home economist has made eating local simple and cost effective for all those who fear the high cost of “organic” or who simply aren’t kitchen inclined. Aside from the beautiful setting HBC provided there were some amazing partners on hand to provide samples and enhance the guest experience. This included everything from wine sampling, provided my Fidel Gastro’s staff at his newest restaurant Lisa Marie, fine whisky presented by Gooderham & Worts, chocolate by Godiva, and for the healthier foodie glow, naturally alkaline water and healthy crunch kale chips.

Now, we both know I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t share how this could benefit you, my beautiful readers. While I’m not certainly happy to drink all the wine and devour the delectable, I too want to share what I took in from this amazing presentation. As mentioned, this was all inspired by the pulse.

So… What’s a pulse? Most of you are familiar with legumes. In fact, for all you pb lovers, the peanut is a legume. Legumes are grown agriculturally, primarily for their grain seed called, which is called a pulse. Most of you who have ever tried to increase their greens or tried a plant based diet will be familiar with popular pulses, such as alfalfa, peas, beans, lentils, soybean, and peanuts to name a few. Not only are many of these foods high in protein, (pea and soy protein being too of the most popular non dairy choices for powders), but also high in macronutrients value, nitrates, and fibre! Which we know is any dieters essential, along with a important factor in reducing certain cancers and reducing bloat.

Even more relevant however, is Ontario is a producer of many pulses, some which I didn’t even know prior to this event. So, if you want to feel extra wholesome and pure, you can incorporate a few of the delicious recipes found in “home grown”, all while supporting local agriculture, eating local, and furling your health. I had the pleasure of trying a wheat beery salad, with apple and walnut (yes, all Ontario grown), which you could easily whip up and prep for meals during the week, or bring as a side to barbecue, and I promise it will be effortless for you, and even more importantly delicious.

So if you still don’t feel inclined to incorporate pulses into your diet, here are a few more fun fact to persuade you. As o mentioned, legumes are a great source of plant based protein. A 100 gram serving of cooked chickpeas contains 18% of the average persons daily value (DV) of  protein, 30% DV for dietary fiber, 43% DV for folate (especially important for women) and 52% DV for manganese. Bonus points, pulses contain no cholesterol and little to no fat or sodium. Again, pulses are also an excellent source of resistant starch, aka, fiver, which is broken by bacteria to produce the short chain fatty acids used by intestinal cells for food energy. This is what some people refer to as being energized on a cellular level, which contrasts the lethargic feeling you get from certain heavier foods, or a stimulant high.

Lastly, and important to any competitor out there, or chronic dieter, studies in humans include the potential for regular consumption of legumes in to help improve metabolic syndrome.

So lovely readers, enjoy your summer and take advantage of the bounty of healthy food your area has to offer. And make sure to keep an eye out through my other social media platforms for other upcoming events that you too can attend (cause free food, knowledge and wine, duh).

Your fitbetch,
JP xox

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