When my sister suggested the concept of a blog to me I will admit I was rather hesitant. I’ve never been the most creative person, mostly due to the fact that subjectivity scared me. In university I would sit in front of my laptop for hours, just trying to find that one singular idea to get it all started. Even then, with a science background, it was a little easier. Take the thoughts and idea of dozens, maybe even hundreds of other people, reword, revamp, throw In some references and voila, a coherent piece of informative literature presented as your own. But a blog, not so much. Sure, you can research a blog, look for themes, trends, content, but inherently it is much much more personal. And getting personal with strangers is an absolutely terrifying concept. My thoughts, flaws, weird neuroticisms out there for the world to read. But isn’t that what we all want? To know that maybe we aren’t so insane? To feel some form of intimacy through the convenience of our phones and tablets? So here it is! The Intimate details of life forever out there, floating around in space and time for anyone to read. Don’t be mistaken, my life is no sex and the city drama, no fairy tale romance. This will mostly consist of fitness information (as I’m a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model), hungry food rants, tips and tricks to cheat clean and a plethora of bad dating experiences from the self proclaimed “nicest asshole you’ll ever meet”.

Your fitbetch,
JP xo

Instagram: jessicapark18

Email inquiries: jpfitbetch@gmail.com

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